Q.    Where can we purchase prints?

A.    You can purchase prints directly from our page.


Q.     My fine art photographic print looks soft and unsharp?

A.    The photographic print will look soft and unsharp when viewed very close-up. When viewed at the normal viewing distance (1 - 5 meters, depending on the print size), it will look crisp and sharp.


Q.    Why is there a white border on the panoramic print?

A.    This is very normal in fine art prints, it is due to the fact that it makes it easier to set the print in the frame, without losing any of the actual photograph.


Q.    Why do you sign and number your fine art photographic prints?

A.    The fine art photographic prints are limited editions.


Q.    Can we share your work?

A.    Yes, you can share my work if you include my name, website and link to my Instagram. However, you cannot use my photos without my permission in any publication. If you want permission, please use the contact page or email.


Q.    Is it possible to license your photographs?

A.    No, at the moment none of my photographs can be licensed.


Q.    What kind of camera gear do you have?

A.    I currently use a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera and the following lenses: Canon 16 - 35 mm F4L and Canon 100 - 400 mm F4.5-5.6L. My tripod is a Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 with a Manfrotto 468MGQ6 hydrostatic ball head.


Q.    What kind of post processing software do you use?    

A.    For most of my photographs I use Adobe Lightroom and for stitching panoramas I use Adobe Photoshop.


Q.    Where are you going to travel next?

A.    I definitely want to travel to Ireland, Norway, Iceland and New Zealand in the foreseeable future. 


Q.    Where do you live?

A.    I live in Vantaa, Finland (10km from Helsinki).


Q.    Why is shipping so expensive?

A.    That is unfortunately the way it is with international shipping, when using a reliable international shipping company.