Getting the Shot - Rocky Colors l & ll

Travelling is something I absolutely love. To witness the different aspects of nature in varying climates and locations is something I live for. I always try to find new and unexplored locations or shoot the well known locations from a new perspective and light. 



The location where this photograph was taken is Rhodes, Greece, on the southern part of the island close to Lindos. There is an absolutely magical rocky shoreline in the Lindos Bay area, where the clear turquoise water meets the colourful and mesmerising shallow shoreline.


Gear Used

For this capture I used a Canon EOS 6D full frame body with a Canon EF 16-35mm F4L lens handheld.



The weather at this early summer midday was beautiful and warm. The sun was shining bright and warm high in the sky. The sea in the bay area was quite calm and was gently hitting the rocky shoreline.

 However, with temperatures closing in on +30 degrees celsius, gives its own problems. With this kind of weather, its highly important to keep dehydrated and try not to get sunburned (I failed miserably in that).



These shots are nothing special in terms of technic, they are simple renderings of a beautiful turquoise shoreline. When photographing in midday sun, the landscape rarely gets the appropriate lighting it deserves, unless its truly something unbelievably majestic. That is why, if you decide to shoot in bright midday sun, you should photograph something that is magnified in depth and beauty by the bright light. For example with these images, they would not show the turquoise water and the colourful shallow shoreline in sunset or sunrise light. They needed bright and hard direct sunlight to really shine and show their true colours.  

These shots were taken at 16mm focal length to get as wide as a view as possible. ISO was set at 100 to get the cleanest image possible. Aperture value was F8 to get both the foreground and the focus point as sharp as possible. The exposure time was 1/250 seconds to freeze the waves and get the correct exposure.


Tips & Tricks

When shooting at sea, be aware of your surroundings. Wet rocks and cliffs are extremely slippery, so take care with every step you take. When shooting in warm and hot climates, drink a lot of water to keep dehydrated to have a clear mind and head. Even though most cameras work well in quite hot weather, they are still at risk when kept in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. A good rule is, if you feel hot, then your camera feels hot as well.

  Rocky Colors l - RAW image - 16mm, ISO 100, F8, 1/250 sec

Rocky Colors l - RAW image - 16mm, ISO 100, F8, 1/250 sec

  Rocky Colors ll - RAW image - 16mm, ISO 100, F8, 1/250 sec

Rocky Colors ll - RAW image - 16mm, ISO 100, F8, 1/250 sec

Post Processing

As much as I love to travel to amazing and beautiful places with my camera, for me, the real magic begins when I get back home and see the photographs on my monitor.

The journey of post processing is individual to all, some like it light and colourful, some dark and gloomy. To me, it’s about showcasing the true raw beauty of nature from my own perspective, from my own view and place within it. Anyone can take a similar image in the same place, but only I can make it in my own vision, the way I saw the scene.

For post processing I use Adobe Lightroom CC. I won’t speak in length about any particular exact details about the post processing, only highlighting the major steps and measures. Post processing is very much trial and error and you should make the image the way you saw the scene, not duplicate or follow any set guide. This particular frame was quite heavily processed due to the bright sky and dark foreground. Before starting with the actual processing of the frame, I always check the lens corrections, removing Chromatic Aberrations and enabling the profile corrections. I also level the frame if needed. 

The exposure, contrast, shadows and saturation was increased.

The highlights, whites and blacks were decreased.

The temperature was also very, very slightly increased to make the frame more warm.

  Rocky Colors l - Final image

Rocky Colors l - Final image

  Rocky Colors ll - Final image

Rocky Colors ll - Final image


I rarely shot these kinds of images, because often enough the lighting is not up to par with the beautiful and mesmerising colours in the sunset or sunrise. But due to time restrains and other plans, this was the only time and chance to photographs this location and all in all, I think the images turned up pretty good.

The images showcase the scene and the stunning shoreline exactly as I saw them that hot and beautiful summer day. Could they have been better? I don't know, as I wrote before, in different light the whole scene and setting would be different. You would not be able to see much, if any, of the turquoise colour of the sea or the golden shoreline in less than this light.