Finding Nature

I am Kenneth Lahtinen a 27 year old fine art nature photographer from Vantaa, Finland. With an adventurous mind and a longing to be one with nature. 

I started photography many, many years ago, with a simple Canon pocket camera and later advanced to a full frame Canon DSLR with an assortment of lenses and accessories.

I have always loved the outdoors and the nature, due to it's unpredictability and purity. In one moment the sky can be calm and blue, and in the next one it can be filled with thunder and rain.

That is also why I love photography, especially in nature. Because the lighting and setting can change dramatically in only a moment. I mainly photograph landscapes from anywhere and everywhere I am able to travel and go. I am especially interested in watery themes, due to the breathtaking reflections they can award or the silky smooth water with a long exposure in rough seas.